Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya and fashion at her pointe shoes

b895bf4c48cbe5f5c70bac9f72bbf414The outstanding Russian ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre prima ballerina Maya Plisetskaya died on Saturday. She was one of the most celebrated ballerinas and choreographers of the 20th century. Plisetskaya made admire greate designers, musicians, artists, photographers, art lovers. Beatuful and graceful Plisetskaya was considered to be a muse of legendary French couturier Yves Saint Laurent.Yves Saint Laurent with Maya Plisetskaya

In 1973 French choreographer Roland Petit created the ballet “Death Rose” to the music of Gustav Mahler  specifically for prima. Yves Saint Laurent was so inspired by the idea that he made pale pink chiffon cape for refind and elegant Russian ballerina. Soft pale color of cape made Maya look fragile, very feminine, defenseless and frank at the same time.

Another French couturier Pierre Cardin and Plisetskaya were formally introduced after an outdoor performance of The Dying Swan in 1971. During the show,  a greate storm broke out, but ballerina continued dancing and audience didn’ open umbrellas! Cardin created Plisetskaya’s dance costumes for Anna Karenina (1972), The Seagull (1980) and The Lady With the Little Dog (1985) and evening wear.

France's fashion designer Pierre Cardin (R) kisses the hand of legendary Russian ballet dancer Maya ..

In the September, 1959 magnificent Russian dancer appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and in the April, 1966 in Vogue. Photographes were make by outstanding Richard Avedon. A 1959 photograph of Maya Plisetskaya was on the cover of Vogue Russia.


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