Who is IT?

Who is an IT-girl?

What do we know about IT-girls? Is there one term that is less clear among thousands of fashion terms? New fashion subculture has long historical roots. According to Wikipedia, the phrase has originated as slang in British society of the upper class at the turn of the 20th century. Everybody knows Rudyard Kipling who used a term “IT” in his short story “Mrs. Bathurst”. In 1927 an English writer Eleanor Green titled her book “IT”. In the same year Paramount Pictures made a movie based on the book. The production studio introduced a phenomenon of a Hollywood IT-girl as a young sexually attractive girl who was in the public eye. That was not a surprise that after the movie the leading actress Clara Bow became the first official IT-girl. efd753b43619bffa6b5dea2b61c0b11d

The next one was Audrey Hepburn.7e22ba484ef5ed2f301e5199575b5e5a  In the 2000s Sarah Jessica Parker had no choice but to hit the jackpot with the “Sex and the City”. After that, creative directors of luxury fashion brands decided to use young girls with famous names as a marketing tool. Chosen ladies became ambassadors of style. Hedonism was used as a powerful force to occupy fashion market. Young ladies put spirit into gloomy classics like Chanel’s tweed jacket. Having a unique sense of style and courage, they started to mix old and new ideas. Subsequently, with a sniper’s accuracy they hit the masses with new looks. The development of gadgets and software kept up with the epoch of IT-girls, street stylers and bloggers. Their collective dialectic became a good soil for a subculture to expand to all chains of fashion business. It was the time when fashion moved from streets to runways and still stayed fashion.


The IT-girl’s standard ranges from continent to continent. But as a rule, these girls are well-educated and intelligent, have a good sense of style and a fine taste in music, art, cinema. Real fashion world hates stupid. IT-girl has a strong personality.

As for me, the IT-girl is a stylish and trendy girl, charismatic and attractive woman, in other words “some kind of femme fatale”. Millions of people love and follow IT-girls, others hate them, but everybody envy them.

новый коллажновый коллаж1

Last summer I had an honor to meet and spend some time with the IT-girl. I also asked some questions that grew up into interview. The interview coming soon…


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