Cup of tea with IT

ITgirl Alina Gelzina (@ALINA_GELZINA) is one of the most promising young fashionistas and stylish discoveries of the last years. She is glamorous; she is like a modern prototype of princess from Disney fairytale. She has a strong sense of style and clever small head. Alina is already a famous street styler and a global fashion person.

950f26ee8b949911a560e4c0212d50a1“Do you want a cup of tea?” says Alina, inviting me to take a sit at the olive sofa in her sunny room. I put my vintage Valentino bag and camera next to me and take a pencil and a notebook.

Snow-white cat Modena sniffs my feet touching them with the tip of a wet nose. Alina takes a sit opposite an oval mirror and begins to make up. I feel myself free and comfortable; the IT-girl seems to be very hospitable.

  • Why streetstyling?

I do it for my future career, I feel prospects. Someone might think that I just walk around and take pictures. But I don’t. I can’t tell you my plans because they are only plans. The more I do it, the more chances to meet people important for my future career I get. Streetstyling is a good way to PR yourself and it is also a possibility to earn money. It’s the same job as any other, but from the point of view of the most of people it looks like it is much easier. It’s wrong. I feel tired after the first day of a Fashion Week. But it is always a very pleasurable tiredness.

  • collageWhat is about your plans for this season?

I am going to go to Paris, Milan, London and New York Fashion Week to visit as much shows, presentations, dinners, and parties as I can. Everything in this business builds on communication and acquaintances. It’s important not to hesitate and no to be shy. I am developing these features.

  • Who inspires you?

I would like to distinguish Veronika Heilbrunner. However, many of the street stylers are noteworthy.

  • Who is your favorite designer?

It’s wrong to say “favorite”. It’s much better to say that one designer siuts me and another one doesn’t. I prefer Chloe, Gucci in last two years with Alessandro Michele, Louis Vuitton, and Dior with a new vision of femininity. I like the 70s style that appears in a new light from season to season with every new fashion show.

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  • So, do you always try to keep 70s in your style?

70s and boho chic, wide-brimmed hat are closer to my self-awareness. At the same time I can’t give up on other things.

  • What features does a person need to be successful in fashion industry?

It’s important to be brave and don’t lose oneself.

  • Tell me about difficulties in fashion and street styling in particular?

Very often I returned to a hotel room after a fashion show and cried blaming myself. I spent time, money and did nothing to come closer to my goal. I hesitated to meet, to ask for contacts, to ask about work. Now I am learning to be brave. My family always supports me.

  • You are co-owner of IT Girl Personal Styling Agency. Is it just a commercial project?

No! I want people to be more beautiful and I try to show them the way to do it. The agency helps women to do styling, shopping and to save time and money. Unfortunately, today Instagram-girls set the trends of wearing Hermes shoes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton classic bag, Balmain ragged jeans, blonde curls and corrective makeup. The popularity of Instagram-girls creates Instagram-twins. In my opinion, it’s better to monitor and hunt streetstyle reports than to copy Instagram-girls’ style.

  • How do you make looks?

Every season I choose things that I like, collect basic clothes that I can wear every time, mix luxury and mass-market. I never spend a lot of money for shopping. The look from the last Paris Fashion week is a bright example: H&M total look except for the Burberry trench coat, Prada shoes and vintage clutch. I always buy clothes and accessories thoughtfully and carefully.


  • ef1e2cf2a2587d40a992ac57eb50eadfWhat are you favorite clothes?

I don’t have ones. I can wear just basic black and white cotton T-shirts and TOPSHOP blue high waist jeans and Acne studio dark grey jeans… I mix them with colorful shoes, jackets, accessories.

  • Share with us some fashion tips.

I prefer clean and bright colors, ordinary cut, simple lines and colorful accessories. The look should make an impression of spontaneity and lack of preparation. And of course it’s very important to be honest with yourself.

What is the image of the ideal life?

The most important thing in my life is my future family, my husband and children. I would like to travel and visit fashion shows together with my children. Together and forever. I promote family values.



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