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Minimal. Chic?

I have been already working as a buyer in a middle-up and luxury segment for a few seasons. From spring till fall I explore trends and brands, pantone and bestsellers between regular buying at Fashion Weeks.

A few years earlier the main trends of the next seasons were set by trendsetters according to new stages of the development of engineering, science technologies, agriculture,interior design, digital and IT technologies,as well as political situation on the global stage. Designers modified trends according to the conception of their fashion houses and here we are: pret-a-porter collections are at the peak of the fashion glory and are desirable by beauty and style connoisseurs! A few years ago it was very strange to see models on a runaway pointing on herself a cell phone camera in a stretched hand. But with an appearance and enormous popularity of the term “selfie” impossible without smartphones, young fashion designers don’t consider such shows on a runaway to be mauvais ton.

For the past few years the third power appeared growing day by day. IT-girls and fashion bloggers’ culture turned fashion perception upside down contrary to almighty Chanel who thought that fashion shouldn’t come from streets. Of course, before IT-girls’ epoch there were the punks, the goths, the hippies who brought the significant contribution to world fashion development. However, the term “Street style” didn’t associate with a show of modern trends that took place simultaneously with fashion shows on the main runways of the world. It didn’t make the headlines of the main glossy magazines of the country and its main heroines didn’t appear on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

ITgirl  Chiara Ferragni

My profession requires thorough studying of this cultural phenomenon. The sales success and commercial development of any retailer depend on it. Instagram has become  one of main supervision tool. Thanks to Instagram a huge fashion epoch if its leaders has began. Today they are the third source of trends. I can easily name the main trends: sweaters of a black, white, grey and camel color, ripped jeans, oversized coats, white Nike or Adidas sneakers, nude heels, minimalistic jewelry, coffee, marble, and exceptionally white sheets and walls.

Analyzing the demand and purchases of our clients, I make myself sure again that fashion bloggers have captured the fashion space contrary to the efforts of PR departments of fashion houses. A fashionista would rather buy a pair of white sneakers and a cashmere sweater of a camel and grey color than a new pair of Lanvin’s color pumps. Consumers become more pragmatic paying a tribute to comfort but not to beauty. The individuality is being lost; the bounders between certain individuals are being erased; the cult of imitating becomes more expansive than uniqueness. All of it makes the work of insiders of the fashion business much easier leading it to the primitivism. Predictability of a consumer makes it monotonous. The generation of fashion twins narrows the fashion bounders down to 4 colors.

I encourage you to be inspired by looks created by the great and acclaimed masters like Raf Simons, Alber Elbaz, and Alessandro Michele. They might be shy and prefer a backstage. However, a quantity of followers says nothing about the quality of the content. Expand the bounders of your fashion perception to more than 4 colors and 2 pairs of jeans.




Screenshot_2015-05-13-20-15-23Inspired by black color and YSL-icons I decided to make a VERY amatuer video to show how I do feel YSL spirit. As you know all my looks I buy on YOOX, NET-A-PORTER.

Silk dress Saint Laurent

Viscose top with open back Alexander McQueen

Shoes Roberto Cavalli

Earrings BVLGARI

Belt vintage


Let’s see the video, let’s judge and leave your comments! Please enjoy!

Yves Saint Laurent made my style. Chapter II

БезымянныйHow to mix “want” and “able” all together? Difficult task, isn’t it? Look of dream and amount of coins in pockets don’t match all time you want. World economic crisis, oil price, stock-market games, greedy boss, 8th pair of heels per month… Objective and subjective factors influence the quality and quantity of clothes in a wardrobe.

Today I propose to go worldwide shopping via internet you all have with a single aim TO LOOK LIKE YSL-GIRL.  Not bad, what do you think? And in spite of endless love to Yves Saint Laurent let’s choose clothes not labels.  “Buy less, choose well” \Vivienne Westwood\.

Here is the YSL pattern look which we are  seeking for. Black transparent silk blouse gives inkling of beauty of woman skin and body, flowing lines of the silhouette, and flirts with the whole world. Little shoulder bag is like woman heart, it is small but contains entire bouquet of feelings, thoughts and pretty-pretties.

Blouse, € 1.190; vinous leather bag, € 1.690; leopard leather bag, €1.390; red leather bag, € 1.190; all Saint Laurent Paris

Well, ladies, let me introduce you alternative for all budgets from democratic but high quality to high-class luxury brand.  You can continue shopping on www.yoox.com and www.net-a-porter.com or just click the pictures you like below. I have been a very satisfied Yoox customer for over 3 years. You can almost always find favorite designers on sale for ridiculously low prices, in addition Yoox often has many ongoing promotional discounts. As a shoeaholic, NET-A-PORTER by far my favorite place for shopping as for other thousands of fashion addicted. Besides I always enjoy advertising campaigns, photography and website design.

Blouse, KAOS, € 39,00; blouse, ANNARITA N. € 73,00; blouse, RICHMOND X, € 124,00
Blouse, VALENTINO,€1,890; Blouse, DOLCE & GABBANA, € 895,00;

b5d65462ad183337a63ff2933564b0a9 (1)So, bags under  €100 on Yoox.  It is not difficult task to “tame leather leopard” and don’t look like a horrible fashion monster if your blouse, trousers, shoes and, of course, make up are reserved and shy. But you should feel free to your lips with YSL red lipstick or laque gloss if you are go partying!

Bag, AB ASIA BELLUCCI, € 68,00; bag, LA FILLE des FLEURS, € 56,00

Bags under  €200.

Bag, CLASS ROBERTO CAVALLI, € 143,00; bag, ANGEL JACKSON, € 147,00; bag, LOVE MOSCHINO, €159,00

Bags more than €200 on NET-A-PORTER.

Yves Saint Laurent

Forget about buttons and look sexual and passionate in blouse or shirt, play fashion, feel your nature, free body, be a single lighthouse of style. Make your soul shake and shout under gentle silk.  Try all fashion tricks!

World-known style icons prefer BLACK.  Strong face, sharp glance, sexy V-neck, open slim ankle, always elegant and simple shoes. YSL-girl doesn’t contemplate new pair of shoes in a departnement store, she immediately buys it and insensibly turns it into a weapon. Among them Kate Moss,  Barbara Palvin,  Emma Watson. totallook2 totallook1